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The Solent Film Festival is a celebration of the very best in International Independent Genre Cinema.


Running in partnership with other local Film Festivals, the festival is held in the first half of October. Screenings are held across the Solent area encompassing Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding area.


Films are selected to showcase the very best in Independent Cinema from around the world, with a focus on works within specific genres.   There are awards for the best feature and short in each category, and trophies are awarded as part of the Southampton International Film Festival.


Whether your passion is Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance or Family films there is a place at our festival for you.

We have been a part of independent film distribution, independent movie making and the management of other International Film Festivals. We are a family run business which we started in 2009, we currently have over 40 films in the market and have helped set up and supported five other film festivals, while running 3 ourselves. What started as a family passion has now become our life’s work.


We look to support the best narrative and factual film content out there including both short films and feature films. We look for strong and compelling stories, high production value and exciting cinematography to put into the Festival.


We can't wait to see you at our festival and look forward to chatting to you about your film and future projects. If you're just here to enjoy the festival we hope to sit down and debate the many aspects of the films and see your choice for film of the festival.



Screening locations and times

will be announced closer to the event